A Part of My Heart


Saturday started out with suffering. Now this wasn’t as bad as that sounds. A few days ago I went for a bike ride and at the beginning I either wasn’t there mentally, or my legs were failing. Whatever the reason was; I was having a hard time riding at my normal pace. It was a struggle that had me beginning to think it was going to be a short and wasted morning on the bike.

Thanks to a song playing on my phone I was able to focus on something else. I was reminded about my time spent at The Bike Pedlar, specifically the people there.  During the next two hours of my ride all I could do was think about the people that changed me while I worked at the shop. I believe I have talked about how important riding is to me, but I have never went into how important the people that caused that are.They were and continue to be the foundation for why cycling is such a big part of my life.


These people impacted my life in a way that I probably will never be able to comprehend. Yes they prevented me from being fat, lazy, and probably unhappy, but they also opened my eyes to a world I was not seeing.


It is probably ridiculous to quote the Captain from the movie Wall-e, but I think it best explains what these people did for me. In that movie the Captain of the ship says “I don’t want to survive, I want to live”. And I think that is exactly what these people have given me the opportunity to do. The bike has given me the ability to experience the world, ok maybe not the world, but greater Nashville area haha. I have had so many lasting memories on the bike,and many of them are with my old co-workers at the shop. I will never forget the Friday night group rides by Ride615, or the bike rides into work during the snowstorms.


I am sure it sounds depressing in me saying that many of these people are not in my life anymore. As with all things, life moves on and we all have to start new chapters. With that being said, these people may not physically be in my life, but they will always hold a place in my heart. They truly changed me in a way they might not even realize. Some of them I wasn’t even that close to, but that didn’t diminish the impact they had on me.

My old office will always hold a special place in my heart.I learned how to work on bikes, how to be a better rider, but even more I was able to spend it with a great group of people.


2015 In Review


I know this will probably not come across the way I intend for it to, but in all honesty 2015 was probably a year I will never remember. I can’t really think of anything exciting that happened, or anything that will make it stand out among others. I am not trying to sound depressing, but 2015 was the year of cruise control. In 2014 I got a new job and bought a house. 2015 was just spent trying to adjust to these changes.


I suppose it has become a trend at this point, but this year I took even less photos than in 2014. I never really had the opportunity or drive to get the camera out. That being said, I still took some pictures, but it was by no means a frequent occurrence. I think May was the first time I took a photo in 2015, yikes.


As I mentioned earlier I bought a house in 2014, and at the beginning of 2015 my younger sister moved in with me. It has been great having her here since we have always gotten along, and it is nice to have some help with the bills. Warm months were not bad, but wow the utility bills sure do increase in the winter.

Like most of the past few years, Mayish to Septemberish is spent just cycling. That is pretty much what my year revolves around. In the winter I crawl around the house complaining about the cold weather, and in the summer I crawl around the house because my legs hurt from a bike ride.



I am serious though when I say the summer is filled with cycling. If I was not working or riding I was probably just at home resting on the couch. However, I did finally decide to buy a hammock. That turned out to be a great purchase because I was able to ride my bike around and then just camp out for an hour or so in the hammock to read.


October showed up pretty quick and made me realize I had the majority of my vacation days still to use. So I decided to give myself a weekend away in Gatlinburg to recharge from life. It was to be a week of riding, hiking, and laying out in the hammock. I bought some hiking clothes, a day-pack, and had about 3 spots I was going to check out. It turned out to be a weekend of rain, a bit of riding, more rain, and lots of pizza.



I may not of had many changes in my life, but my parents did. I don’t think I have mentioned it much on here, or if at all, but they recently had some renovations done to their house. Their downstairs is pretty much a brand new house.

It was great getting to enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays around their house. It completely changed the look/feel.

Oh and it is hard to not enjoy Christmas in a room like this.


I did some decorating at my house as well. If there is one big thing I took from my mom, it would be the desire to have the whole house decorated for Christmas. That is a must.


Not much went on in 2015, so what about 2016? Well I have started to swim again, so the very loose plan is to try to do a sprint triathlon this year. Will it happen? I will probably decide that after my first few runs. I will be taking more photos this year, I can promise you that.I hope everyone had a great 2015, and will have an even better 2016. Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you all have enjoyed reading a bit about my life and seeing some pics to go along with it.