Adventure Is Out There (Part Two)

I had initially wanted to post this over the weekend, but I decided to get sick instead. So I apologize for the delay. I am feeling better today though, and I think I have enough energy and fight in me to finish this post.

It was kinda depressing looking back at these photos over the past week. It has been a tad miserable going from high 70′s with sun to the depression known as Nashville weather. We had flurries 3 days after we got back from the beach. Maybe that is why I got sick. My body was just not ready for the temperature change, along with the plants starting to bloom. I am a weak individual because of allergies. The spring is my nemesis.

Please someone take me back here. Every time I go to Florida I get closer to wanting to move there. If they had some hills I probably would, but I don’t think I could live with the same flat scenery for cycling.

I can’t look at this photo without thinking of Jurassic Park. The way it was creeping towards us made me think it was stalking it’s prey.

It would of changed my life if I could of stood beside it doing this same pose. We both have chicken legs. Alas, it would probably of flown away and ruined my dreams.



The days before/after the storm we had some really bad winds. This meant that we actually had some decent waves for surfers. Granted there are def bigger waves to surf, but these are the best you are going to get around here I am guessing.




One of the nights I decided to stay at the condo while the ladies went out to eat. Nashville has some amazing sunsets, but there is something mesmerizing about seeing one over the ocean. It is hard for me to imagine anything more relaxing than the combo of a breeze along with constant thundering of the waves. So I grabbed my camera bag and headed out about an hour before sunset to set up on the beach. I had initially wanted to do a timelapse of the sunset, but the more I sat there the more I realized I wanted more. After about 25 minutes of doing a timelapse I decided I was wasting too many other opportunities. I stood up, took the scenery in, and started to take pictures.





It was one of those sunsets, where I just sat there thinking, don’t go. Every second seemed to be better than the last. To me the one problem of taking photos is that you may not get to fully experience the moment. So I finally just put everything up, sat back and watched in awe. I then quickly heading back to the condo and spent the last fleeting moments of the sunset watching the live-stream from church. What a night.


This is why I go on vacation. It is not for the sunburns, the food (of course), or the warm weather. Even if they only last a few seconds, it is for moments like this.


The last two days were spent reading my new book and trying to make sure I was not getting sunburned. My sisters were born for moments like this. They have spent years preparing themselves, training for the art of sunbathing. I am just a fool on the beach constantly fighting the inevitable sunburn. This is one of the reasons I would go in hours before they would, because I did not want to get burned. Thankfully the only day I got burned was at Islands of Adventure, and that was worth the sacrifice.





We spent the last morning getting a few more hours in at the beach, then packed up and headed to Tampa. It was a LONG drive due to some miserable traffic. Nashville either has the best drivers in the world, or Tampa is on a different level of stupid. The “good” news was that we did not need to be in a rush since our flight was delayed. That meant we did not have to panic during the 1-2 hours we sat on the last bridge before the Tampa airport. We finally got on the plane around 8 only for me to pick the side opposite of the sunset. I almost went into rage mode when I saw people not looking outside to admire what they could see from the air. I don’t know how their iPad or book could of been more entertaining than a sunset thousands of feet in the air. Thankfully the flight was not a complete drag, because I was able to see Nashville from above at night.

I had a great time in Florida. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to go with 4 great women. I was afraid it was going to be a week of laying on the beach, but we did so much more in Sarasota. Adventure is out there, we just had to go out to experience it.


I had some time yesterday to throw together a video from our trip last week. I remember why I hate taking videos. The process of converting files, editing in the old program I use, and then rendering takes forever. Anyways I hope you enjoy it. I wish I would of thought to look at the GoPro lense while we were kayaking because the water/etc on the lense really annoys me. Also, I was trying out a new layout and on some computers there seems to be some overlapping text. So I will try and get that fixed once I figure out what is causing it.

Sarasota Video